Tafsir Ibn Kathir (6 Volume)


The Qur’an is the revelation of Allah’s Own Words for the guidance of His creatures. Since the Qur’an is the primary source of Islamic teachings, the correct understanding for the Qur’an is necessary for every Muslim.

The Tafsir of Ibn Kathir is the most renowned and accepted explanation of the Qur’an in the entire world. In it one finds the best presentation of Ahadith, history, and scholarly commentary.

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Imam Abu al-Fida Imad Ad-Din Hafiz ibn Kathir al-Qurashi Al-Damishqi


Maulana Muhammad Khalid Saif

Tarjuma Quran

Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf, Maulana Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


4586 pages




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