Al Quran Al Kareem Colour Coded Rainbow With Tajweed Rules (13 Lines)


“Al Quran Al Karim Color Coded Rainbow with Tajweed Rules” is very comprehensible as the verses can be read by any age group as such since it is texted in bold script. Quranic verse recited with intonation is called ‘Tajweed’. This books also helps with the Tajweed rules to make Quran easy to read and understand. Grappling through understanding the segments in verses can break your flow of recitation. Realizing which the IMA publishers has introduced their splendidly scrutinized and detailed copied version with beautifully assigned verses in the Arabic language, keeping it easy and understandable. The script helps the readers easily perceive the formation of words and makes it easy to read. It is excellent for the beginners, children and for the individuals with weak eye sight, or for those who wish to read with bigger scripture.

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