Balooghat Kai Masaail (بلوغت کے مسائل)


The real identity of a Muslim is the observance of Shariah rules in practical life. Therefore, adherence to Islamic law should be considered in beliefs and ideologies, worships and affairs and morals and customs. Therefore, like other rules and duties, a married Islamic couple has an additional responsibility to be desirous of having good children and to be greedy for children. Then he should abide by the shar’i limits and restrictions of childbearing and also avoid illegitimate forms of childbearing and shirk. And when Allah Almighty grants her prayers with honor, she should be aware of the rules of pregnancy and childbirth and follow them, and in the case of flowers blooming in the yard of the house, she should name the newborn. Be aware of the aqeeqah, shaving, circumcision, breastfeeding issues and training aspects and fulfill your shariah responsibilities. The book under review sheds light on the rules and issues of children, these aspects of Islamic life from birth to puberty.

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Dr. Rana Amir Deewan & Sadia Amir Deewan




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240 pages


Darussalam-*Indian Printed BEST Quality


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