Qurani Qaidah (New Edition)


The Holy Quran is the only book in the world that has rules and regulations for recitation. Young Muslim children start to practice reading the Quran with its rules and regulations from an early age.

There are a number of kids Qaidah available but they lack the recognition of the basic principles of Tajweed, guidance for teachers, the method of memorizing and conducting lessons, the audio-visual composition, the visual map of the rules of Tajweed, colour coding, etc.

Publisher has tried to put all these important tools together in a single beautiful Qaidah by the name of “Qurani Qaidah” with the help of the famous Pakistani scholar and Quran teacher Sheikh Qari Muhammad Idrees Al-Asim حفظه الله. This Qaidah has become so recognized that it has become part of the syllabus of multiple religious schools and Madaris across India.

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Sheikh Qari Muhammad Idrees Al-Asim


64 pages




Academic Research Publication Delhi


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