Mishkat al-Masabih (3 Volume)

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Mishkat al-Masabih is a selection of hadith compiled by Imam Khatib at-Tabrizi. Imam at-Tabrizi expanded on an earlier selection of hadith named Masabih as-Sunnah by Imam al-Baghawi. Mishkat al-Masabih contains approximately 6,000 hadith chosen from the Six Books, Musnad Ahmad, and various others. It is a comprehensive selection of hadith that covers almost all aspects of Islamic belief, jurisprudence (fiqh), and virtues.

The Mishkat has enjoyed wide popularity in the world of Islamic learning Since 516 AH when it was first compiled by Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Mahmud Al-Tabrizi. Al-Tabrizi has identified at the end of every Hadith the source or sources from where the particular Hadith was taken. Thus, by doing so, he managed to overcome shortcoming of not mentioning the isnad (chain of authorities of the Hadith). Most of the Hadith are from the Sahih Sitta. (the six Authentic Hadith Books).

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Imam Waliuddin Muhammad Abdullah


Abu Anas Muhammad Sarwar Gohar


Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai


2244 pages




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3 reviews for Mishkat al-Masabih (3 Volume)

  1. Rayan Hassan (verified owner)

    Mishkat is like encyclopaedia of Hadith.

    Good quality of ink was used while printing.

  2. Numaan Syed (verified owner)

    It is the best Hadith book. The print quality is very good and it is very convenient to use. Really recommend to use this.

  3. ha29004ssan (verified owner)

    Best book, encyclopedia of hadith, everyone must buy it, good printing, good takhreej and tahqeeq by Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai, best website to buy Islamic books , Al Marfa ❤️

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